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Appeal – 1

Kaup Sri Hosa Marigudi Temple
Kaup Sri Hosa Marigudi Abhivridhi Samithi
Kaup – 574106, Udupi Dist.

Dear Devotees,
As you all know kaup is an age old religious centre in the Udupi dist having good historical background. It is the seat of Mariyamma adored as the most powerfull mother having different name and culture such as “Mari”, “Mariyamma”, “Mahakali”, “Mahalaxmi” and Mahasaraswathi”. She is indeed the most powerful who watchsafes one and all.
The word “Amma” evokes powerful feelings in the heart of her devotees and fosters in them the Mother – Child relationship. She is a loving mother who bestows her motherly love, care and blessings on her devotees.
And that is why she attracts hundreds of her children’s every Tuesday for the week and in thousands during “Aati” (In the month of July) and “Jaarde” (In the month of November) Maripoojas and over a millions from all over the state during the “Suggi” (In the month of March) Maripooja which has been hailed as one of the seven great “Maha Jathras”.
Kaup Mariamma has an interesting history. The poet Linganna in his book “Keladinripavijaya” has very vividly narrated this. According to him in the year 1743 king Basappa Nayaka built a fort called “Manoharagada” on the beach of Kaup. He also built a big fort at Mallar on the outskirts of kaup as a resting place for his soldiers. These soldiers brought with them their Godess of war called “Dandinamari” and worshipped her. It is this powerful goddess that is worshipped by her devotees as the “Mariyamma of Kaup”. History tells us that the present Hosa Marigudi was built in 1830 A.D.
Our Indian culture gives a special and elevated godly place to mother as she brings forth new life into the world and nurses and nurtures her children. We are happy and proud that the universal mother protects the mankind has chosen to stay in our midst in kaup as the most powerful Mariamma.
How can we, her children reciprocate her motherly love and care?. Is it not the right way to do it by erecting a magnificent house for her? Yes, we think it should be. So keeping this in mind we have planned a new temple with granite stones in the midst of cool, placid and powerful and colourful garden . The devotees come to her feet with their petitions, trials and tribulations must have a congenial atmosphere that makes them to converse (Plead) with tiers and nine levels symbolizing the “Navadurges”. There will be unfolding of beautiful sculpture, mesmerizing scenery and state of the art, master place of architecture. As this new “House of Amma” is going to be a entire granite stones and slabs. The children of Amma will offer the granite flowers to her lotus feet.
We now appeal to you to come forward to strengthen our hands in completing this dream project by contributing our mite. We are sure that our dear Amma will reward a hundred fold your generosity.

Invoking the blessing of Amma
Yours sincerely

Granite Seva Details

The following special seva offered devotees names engraved on Marble Palque during Brahmakalasa they will be honored.
1. Garbhagudi Seve – 499 lakhs
2. Raja Gopura Mukha Mantapa – 209 lakhs
3. East Side Chandrashale – 159 lakhs
4. West side Chandrashale – 159 lakhs
5. South Side Chandrashale – 159 lakhs
6. North Side Chandrashale – 159 lakhs
7. Ucchangi Gudi Seva – 159 lakhs


Appeal – 2

“Odeya Shri LaxmiJanardhan Prasanna”
Kaup Sri Hosamarigudi Devastana
Kaup Sri Hosamarigudi Abhivridhi Samithi
Kaup-574106, Udupi District

Dear devotees,
“kaup” has historic background and is a age old devotional centre along with one of the pilgrimage centre of udupi dist. The godess mariamma is known as the most powerfull godess with the power of fulfilling the wishes of the devotees who forefiet themselves with the godess. It is one of the power centres for devotees who call her with Mariamma, Mari, Mahakali, Mahadevi, Mahalaxmi, Maha Saraswati etc. as per their thoughts and is placed as a great power.
Amma- mother is a small word, but it’s vibration leads to a great relief. There is no other word as powerfull as Amma-Mother. A word in Indian culture where mother is treated as the alive godess- the word Mother has a great power, it is the first word, it is widely accepted as the most confessed word which includes everything.
A book named “Keladi Nripa Vijaya” written by poet Linganna stated that in 1743 A.D Basappa Nayaka of Keladi constructed a Fort at Kaup Sea shore named as “Manohara Gada” and in a nearby village Mallar constructed a rest house for soldiers and here the soldiers were worshipping “Dandina Mari” which was brought by them and the same now after 1830 A.D this “Hosa Marigudi” was constructed . This is the true extract version of the History.
Kaup Hosa Marigudi has devotees from Uttara Kannada, Shimoga, Tulunadu and also spread alover the South India. Three Maripoojas are the major Festivals and that to the Maripooja of “Suggi” which comes in the month of March every year. Is known as one of the seven great festivals of Tulunadu.
Amma is all-round power which heals the pain of children responds immediately for the pain and gets relief without delay. We in Indian cultural are giving highest position to Amma -Mother -Nature -Women. Such “Devi Amma” is settled here in
Kaup as Mariyamma. So it is our resolution that in magnificent shrine should be constructed to our Mariyamma. A beautiful plan was prepared which includes Garbhagudi, Nine Shrines for Navadurgas, Nine Gopura and Garden. The plan is according to Indian Culture was to on consultation with experts. The Temple will be constructed with Stones, which will be donated by the Devotees like you. It is our humble request to you to donate these stones (Shila Seve)

Details of Shila Seve:

The Names of the Donars of the following will be inscripted in Marble and Felicitated as reputable donar at the time of Barhmakalasha
1. Garbhagudi – 499 lakhs
2. Mukha Mantapa with Rajagopura – 209 lakhs
3. Chandrashale in East – 159 lakhs
4. Chandrashale in West – 159 lakhs
5. Chandrashale in South – 159 lakhs
6. Chandrashale in North – 159 lakhs
7. Ucchangi Gudi – 159 lakhs

999 Shila Seve cost is – Rs.9,99,999

The donars name will be inscripted in Marble and will be felicitated as Major Donar at Brahmakalasha

99 Shila Seve cost is – Rs.99,999

The donars name will be inscripted in Marble and will be felicitated as Special Donar at Brahmakalasha
All Devotees are requested to donate a minimum of Nine Shila Seve at a cost of Rs.9,999 and get Prasada.
You can donate through the following Banks directly and inform to us.